Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Merry Christmas everyone... but mostly Mike.

It's taken more than a year (sorry about that, Michael) but the shoe is finally done. It began here and continued a bit here and the last update on it was here. I've been picking away at it in between projects and whenever I needed a breather. It was done using acrylic based inks and a series of small brushes. The ink wouldn't initially cover well so quite a few layers had to be applied to get the colors you see on the finished piece. So it was draw a bit. Wait for it to dry. Re-coat. Wait. Re-coat. Wait.Re-coat. Wait. Draw a bit more. Wait. Re-coat. Wait. You get the idea. Fixing mistakes consisted of a similar process.

The inside is my favorite part. Something about Mike, in his Freddie Mercury jacket, singing karaoke that causes others to vomit made it special and heartwarming. Especially since some of the bits of semi-digested detritus become the musical notes.

Hope you all enjoy it and this lovely holiday season.