Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The Brute!

So I'm in the finishing stages of an illustration job for Spree Touring. So one of the three pieces is for a 200k ride with 12,000 ft of climbing called the Brute. The idea was pitched as a really buff dude plowing uphill. During the thumbnailing process it seemed that the brute is really the climb itself so the massive rider's legs became a bit noodley and I thought of the image as looking downhill towards him as he tries to grind his way past goats and stuff.

After finishing the rough and getting approval from ST I moved on to inking. Part way through, the idea of the text being a giant rock outcropping popped up so I emailed Don (an awesome guy to work with) to see if I could do the text treatments as well as the imagery. He agreed. After searching for the right font for a few days it became apparent that what I wanted wasn't out there so this morning found me drawing out the text.

It was then the relatively simple task of scanning everything in and assembling it in photoshop. Even though the job is done at this point, I would still like to go in and add color so I'll post that when I have it.


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david james keaton said...

Joel Vollmer. what is up? glad you're doing well. what happened to that Mr. Theta thing? that biker's face reminds me of a simple creature in a nearby cubicle. I still think you should do a comic book of one of my short stories. Cars, bugs, and little anger lines coming off people's heads -- That's all it would take. Then we would roll around in piles of money on motel room beds. Separately, of course. Dug your napkin Beepob thing