Wednesday, July 30, 2008

As was the case with crappy Batman, this dragon sketchcard was born from the teen class in progress. I've been making pieces as give-aways to students who impress me. This was today's but now the temptation is to a whole set of them so every student gets one. Mixed emotions abound as some of them are working hard but others... well... not so much. So is it better to give gifts to the undeserving, give nothing to anyone, or only give to those few who rose to the challenge and single out those who did not?

I'll probably make a number of others while the decision-making transpires.


Ronald Batey said...

Is this little league were everyone gets a trophy or are the rules defined so people can compete for the prize?

Joel Vollmer said...

Sort of defined but there are only two more classes and I just started the prize plan last week so it seems a bit unfair.

Jp Pollard said...

Ryan Kelly made ink care-ah-ka-chers of everyone in my inking class...from memory... and each had a different logo.

And thats why Ryan's bomb.

Though he didn't for the other classes.

So what did you end up deciding?

Joel Vollmer said...

I'm doing a set of 14 cards but have told the kids that they get one based on how their finals turn out.

And JP... I was in that class with you, and Ryan is indeed the bomb.

Jacob said...

So what are the odds that your students Googled you and have read this post? I say 1:1.

That being the case, I say make them do a challenge. Winner takes the set. In the spirit of the Olympics, it could be a comic creation heptathlon.

Joel Vollmer said...

see: most recent post. 5 cards of the set remain in my possession. A bit sad that, but overall, they did a bang up job and I'm quite happy with how the finals came out.