Sunday, May 3, 2009

The Joel Vollmer Museum of Art

Family concerns had me in Toledo, OH this past week and while staying with my folks it out of nowhere struck me as funny that their house has transformed into a bizarre little museum of my work. Walk in the front door and a really hideous sculpture (good in concept / bad in execution ) stands atop the piano. On into the family room and you fine a far better sample of my sculptural works and a print adorns the wall. Down the hall to the bedrooms and you pass the first comic submission I ever sent out.

My old bedroom has a lovely sample of early influences.

But two spots in particular seemed like weird little galleries. First the basement, where a collection of large charcoal works hang amid bags ready for the rummage sale, sewing machines, old hi-fi, lawn chairs, book shelves and the like.

Last but not least, the small gallery. Home to some nice little prints and complete with seating so one can gaze and admire.

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