Friday, July 17, 2009

Inking Wonderboy

Step 1: Using a thick weight calligraphy nib and a crow quill, I go through and outline everything. I start with the foreground elements and try to work my way back so as not to accidentally ink something that will then need to be taken out later.

There's some attention paid to line weights but only in the sense of foreground, mid-ground, and background. So at this point the sense of space is still somewhat flat. The important part is that everything is clearly defined.

step 2: Using a medium sized brush, I go through and fill in all the solid blacks. I've added some weight to the foremost robot hand, but for the most part haven't touched any of the line work from step 1.

step 3: From here on I'll use a nicer brush and the crow quill to add in line weights, feathering details, hatching and so on until it all feels right. Then touch up any of the solid blacks and clean up mistakes. I'll post the finished piece once it is scanned and ready to go. Hopefully there'll be enough time prior to Sunday to drop in some color as well. Partly because Wonderboy's chucks, which originally were black, are now red in my mind. Stay tuned.

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