Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Bowling shirts.

Working on a shirt due this week and because of the specific nature and quantity of pins, balls and architecture I'm constructing all the elements in Illustrator instead of hand drawing them. This allows for me to only have to make one ball and then make as many duplicates as needed and then tweak them for individuality. Also, the shirt will be a one color print so drawing it this way will keep me from over inking it to fit the full blazing color version (in my mind).

The bowling alley still needs some work but most of the components are there so hopefully I can wrap this up tonight and move on to 4 on the Floor's next poster.


'Lil Ric said...

That's pretty slick. Do you ever use Sketchup?

Joel Vollmer said...

No. I tried a couple times but it just makes no sense to me. Maybe when there's more time to really learn it.

Steve said...

Pretty sweet- I'd be a little concerned though, on the thin lines of the alley not translating very well if it's screen printed.