Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Clean up / Background rebuild

The realization came to late that the dimensions of the original wouldn't fit on a number of different formats, and the background was at a place where it couldn't simply be stretched out and still look right. So a new background was built with a new approach, the previous having been forgotten, and based on the premise of including the cloud which didn't look right on the first run. Still tweaking the intensity/ brightness/ darkness of the new background.

In addition, there was still a lot of clean up to do. Specifically, a tiny white halo that runs tightly around all the black lines from the original scanned image.

As usual this was being done ever so carefully with the eraser tool. A Pain to be sure. Then inspiration, and the feeling of stupidity that sometimes accompanies it, that the lasso tool would allow a tighter selection while better preserving the original lines, as well as being faster and more efficient.

Last but not least, it seemed like it would be cool to include a shot of all the layers that are going in to making this what it is. Whatever it may be.

Still unsure on the background. And once that's all squared away the main part of the illustration needs to be centered, but confidence abounds that this is now a day, maybe two, from completion.  

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