Sunday, August 31, 2008

Dust to Dust is now... well... dust.

So many of you may be aware that I have been working on a book for Moonstone comics. It has been a long process. Thousands upon thousands of dollars of work all for the publishing credit. Well... due to insufficient orders it has come to my attention that the book will not see print. Ah. Hurm. Unpleasant.

I have put the pages out of sight but am still tempted to make a fire out of them. I do so solemnly swear to invite you all to the festivities should they meet a fiery demise. Otherwise they'll make their way into the sell pile.

The sunny side is that I can now move on to new and promising projects filled with robots, elves and miscellaneous silliness.


Michael May said...

Hey, Joel. I don't know if you got my emails or not. Alex and I are committed to getting the book out and I've been talking to Moonstone about how to do it. We should talk.

Please email me at michael dot michaelmay at gmail dot com. I'll also check and see if I have any other addresses to reach you at.

Please don't destroy anything.

Michael May said...

Just sent you another email.

david james keaton said...

yes, don't destroy anything. if anything, just give yourself a dramatic haircut like they do in the movies after a break-up. but keep drawing and writing, broseph.