Friday, September 12, 2008

Toothpick Dude.

I took on a rush job yesterday and have been pulling the all-nighter to get it squared away. I'm waiting for pools of ink to dry so in order to stay a bit loose and to keep from falling asleep I did this quick brush sketch over blue line roughs in about 10 minutes. Yawn. He looks to me like a guy one beer away from a bar fight. I bet his favorite movie is Cobra.

Oh... and I suppose I can post the actual work I was doing. Log cabins for a logo.


CaseyBugCreations said...

Nice toothpick dude.
Now you have to promise me you'll fix my name on your blog links. It's one s! Actually, just go with 'Casey Bug'.

THEN I'll link you to mine :P

CaseyBugCreations said...

Why yes sir, that will do :)