Thursday, October 2, 2008

FALLCON is only ONE more day away!!!

And I'm rushing about in the hopes of getting things squared away in time. It's madness. Madness!!! Anyways, while weeding through pages and materials to decide what needs to be kept and what should be added to the sales bin, and how much to charge I came across this nice little ink drawing of a fishing reel. Most of the time I can only see the things that I do wrong, but every once in awhile I get a reminder that I can draw fairly well. This is one of those times. Thank you fishing reel.

On a sad note, the congress and senate who apparently don't have enough to do with trying to fix the economy have rushed through new copyright legislation that has a negative impact on the careers of artists and opens up a vast potential for corporate abuse. For some reason the combination of potential corporate abuse with damage to the working class reminds me of something. Vaguely familiar. Weird.

I initially touched on this topic over at Finger Twitchings, but since then the powers that be went ahead and hot-lined the legislation while no one was looking. How this has escaped the attention of the press is beyond me. It changes the standards by which an artist is able to retain the copyright over their own work making it easier for companies to seize and use work without fair compensation while also setting up the possibility that an artist would have to pay money to own their creations. Let me restate that: an artist would have to pay a registry in order to retain ownership of their own work. It's absurd. It also allows companies that steal work, if caught, to determine the fair market value when compensating the artist. I'm beginning to think we need to vote out and replace every sitting congressman and senator in the next election so that hopefully the new staffing will remember that they're supposed to work for us. The whole thing is disgusting.

To anyone who reads this and wants to do something, write your congressman / congresswoman and senator. Be heard. Educate yourselves on candidates and use your vote to hire better staffing.

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