Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Never quite sure where to post some things.

This was done due to a far too crappy header over on Finger Twitchings, but the full color version seems too refined to post the full version among it's scribbly brethren. So here it is in all it's insane glory. Still not sure if I like the B&W pen sketch better than the full color. Maybe the color just takes it too nutty. The entire piece uses two hues with a wide array of saturation and brightness values so it feels like full color even though it is conceptually only the two. ... it made sense to me at the time.

Also, for those who enjoyed this past year's cycling illustrations for Spree Touring, I am officially doing the 2009 ride promotions so look for those in the coming months. It's down to two rides as the Kicker just didn't catch on despite positive feedback on the illustration. Maybe this year I'll actually join in on the rides and log some miles.

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This is really awesome, keep up the great work!