Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Escape the Farm 2009 in COLOR no less.

So now that the ole computer seems to be 100% and I have reloaded my software, etc, etc, I'm back to finishing the work on the 2009 Spree Touring pieces. So now I'm doing full color versions of the t-shirt art for use on posters and promotional material. Still not sure on how to handle the background on this one, but I'm thinking of leaving it alpha channeled ( blank and transparent ) and then having it printed out on a toned paper. I'll move on to the next pieces for now and come back to it when I start all the type work for the posters. Until next time.

To anyone thinking, "Gee, if only I could buy sweet originals cheap from someone before they break into the biz and mark their stuff waaay up. That would be AWESOME! If only such an opportunity existed." (sigh) Good news!
I'm taking on commission work for a little while.

Rates are as follows:
B&W - $20
Color - $35

11 X 17 Bristol
Pencils - $40
Inks - $60

Name your character, or whatever and within reason I'll do it. Try to stick with stuff I'm likely to know or will be easy to find reference.
Email me what you want, where to send it, get me the payment up front by check or Paypal, and I'll get cracking.

I promise to do a James Brown style dance in my apartment for the first 10 people to sign up.
Sure you won't actually see me do it, but you'll know I am and can picture it in your head over and over again.

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