Saturday, February 28, 2009

Not so sure about this.

Hopefully this works better. If not... oh well. Truthfully, I wasn't fond of the original drawing and have no intention of sinking too much time into polishing the turd (technical art jargon). Just quick warm up and cool down stuff. I'm embracing the attitude of they can't all be winners, but the blog is about process. Right now a big part of my process is just producing stuff. As much stuff as possible. Statistically most of it will be bad. But the point is to keep making work and build up some artistic inertia that will hopefully result in some worthwhile pieces down the road. The current goal is the rework of my senior project, written by the awesome Eric Schuster, in order to have a packet ready for the San Diego Comic Con. Pretty happy with what's happening there and maybe I'll be able to post a few pages in the near future. Until then, sorry, but you'll have to put up with the dregs. Enjoy!


Just as a time waster I felt like dropping some color onto the fairly recent Daredevil piece, but now it seems close except I'm not sure if the green backdrop is too green even though it gives me the desired separation. Who knows? Anyway, good enough for now.

It may also be too dark.


Jacob said...

It is both too dark and too green.

Ronald Batey said...

Could be my laptop but that is a very dark backdrop - like at night in a building.